How many of y'all LOVE some curves on a woman? Do we have some shapely sisters out there? If so, then there's a chance that you've worn a piece of clothing produced by this woman. 

Mrs. Kenyatta Jones is CEO of the brand called Bella Rene Clothing. Being a full-figured beauty gave Kenyatta the will to design clothes more comfortable for heavy set ladies. 

Ms. Jones is now adding reality star to her resume. WeTv will feature this luscious diva and her entourage in their new series called "House Of Curves." Here's a description from WeTv of Kenyatta's new show. 

About The Show

House of Curves follows the passionate and hilarious trials of Kenyatta Jones, an Atlanta-based designer and CEO of Bella Rene Clothing, as she tries to make it in the world of fashion. She’s kicking down the doors of the industry with her edgy designs, her 6-inch stilettos and absolutely no apologies.

While she’s hustling to turn Bella Rene into a fashion powerhouse, she can’t seem to find a way to get around the drama at work and at home. With her opinionated mom, a deadbeat boyfriend and staff members that can’t seem to keep their thoughts to themselves, Kenyatta has her hands full at all angles.

Meet The Cast!
Kenyatta is a woman who knows what she wants and goes after it. She’s determined to be a global icon and her mission is to show her plus-sized line at New York’s Fashion Week.

Growing up as a plus-sized girl in the small town of Meridian, Miss., Kenyatta recognized at an early age that there were few fashion options. Groomed with her mother’s love of bright colors and extravagant gowns and her father’s love of imported shoes and tailored suits, this fashion diva was born ready to take on the fashion world! While nursing her mother, René, through breast cancer, Kenyatta realized that life is precious and she left the corporate world to follow her true passion—fashion. Kenyatta took matters into her own hands and established her plus-size clothing line, Bella René, Inc in 2007. The business is affectionately named after her mother, who survived her fight with cancer and invested in her daughter’s dream.

The youngest of three children, Kenyatta attended college at Jackson State University in Mississippi. She graduated with a degree in Political Science and went on to earn a Master of Business Administration.

René is Kenyatta’s mother and the inspiration for the line’s name, Bella René. She is a native of Meridian, Miss. where she went to college and married her husband, Calvin. They have three children. Kenyatta is the youngest.

René worked for a phone company for 30 years and when she retired, her first venture into a family business was a weave shop in Atlanta, GA. Following a difficult time with breast cancer, René closed the shop and invested in her daughter’s dream to have a plus-size clothing line. René is proud of Kenyatta and considers herself fortunate that she is still here to see her daughter reach her goals.

When it comes to running the company, René and Kenyatta rarely see eye-to-eye. René’s vision of plus-size fashion is to cover up, but Kenyatta celebrates showing off what you’ve got and this difference contributes to their disagreements. Kenyatta and René also have opposing philosophies when it comes to spending. René believes you need to make money to spend money and Kenyatta thinks you need to spend money to make money. René is scared of nothing and nobody! She is the hammer when it comes to keeping manufacturers, distributors and Kenyatta in line. But at heart, Rene is Kenyatta’s biggest fan.

When she isn’t going to church or taking long walks, René likes to “check up on her investment.” Her constant scrutiny of the business drives her daughter nuts, but it also pushes her to excel.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kelli received a BS in Business Administration from Florida A&M University and an MBA in Marketing from Capella University.

She started her public relations career in NYC as an in-house publicist for a nation-wide department store chain. Kelli has held various positions in the fashion industry, including merchandising, product development, fashion styling and event coordination. In 2008, Kelli launched her first business, Kiva 150, a loft space for trunk shows and photo shoots. She decided to bring all of her talents under one umbrella launching Kelli Flournoy, PR in the spring of 2011.

Blending business savvy and creativity, Kelli brings to Bella René comprehensive and targeted public relations strategies, designed to heighten consumer awareness. Her work ethic and workplace demeanor challenges the Bella René team to consider and implement new ideas. When Kelli isn’t working, you can find her on a date with her boyfriend, shopping, reading, or working out in Atlanta.

Milan is Kenyatta’s personal assistant and the youngest of the Bella René team.

Her proudest achievement is her degree in Biology from Clark Atlanta University. Milan has always had her eye on fashion and continues to be torn by her parent’s wish that she go to dental school.

Milan’s parents met in the army and she was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Her parents divorced and remarried, so Milan has six step-siblings. As a child, Milan was usually singing or playing dress up. Shoes and accessories have always been her “thing”.

This single beauty is working to drop some of the pounds she’s gained since working at Bella René. Milan considers her plus-size to be temporary and she doesn’t let anything keep her from looking fabulous. Milan is Kendra’s cousin and has known Kenyatta for six years. She has strong opinions and isn’t afraid to give Kenyatta a different perspective on, well, everything–even if it drives Kenyatta crazy.

Sherlynda is Bella René’s only seamstress, head design assistant and one of Kenyatta’s dearest friends. Sherlynda has a “couture mind” and knows the fashion business.

Raised in Vicksburg, Miss., Sherlynda dreamed of one day becoming a pediatrician, but fashion became her true calling. Sherlynda studied at Jackson State University where she became friends with Kenyatta. The two modeled together in the college modeling squad and have been close ever since. Even though Sherlynda graduated with a degree in Biology, she spent more of her time and energy developing her skills in the ever-changing fashion industry, specializing in cosmetics.

Soon after her wedding in 2007, Sherlynda made the difficult decision to step down as creative director of Bella René to focus on her marriage. Since her return to Bella René, Sherlynda is determined to get her old title back.

Sherlynda is the real T! Everyone loves her funny one-liners. She’s a dedicated friend and loyal employee. When Sherlynda isn’t sitting in front of her sewing machine or sketchbook, she’s studying fashion, talking about fashion and dreaming about fashion. She likes eating out with family and friends, dancing, and roller skating.

Kendra is the Creative Director of Bella René. A talented make-up artist, she has an eye for beauty, photography and interior design.

Kendra is both liked and disliked because she tells it like it is. She isn’t afraid of Kenyatta and considers this an advantage over everyone else at the company. Kendra is a single mother who adores her seven-year-old son, Bishop. She’s proud of Bishop and knows he’s made her “an even more awesome person.”

Kendra is in a serious relationship with a younger man. She and her boyfriend have welcomed a new member to the family, a cute pound-puppy, Oreo. Kendra loves listening to live music, singing, shopping and most of all, scaring and pranking people. Kendra was born in Utica, Mississippi and has a twin brother and two older siblings. Her dad is a master welder and her mother a hairstylist.

She met Kenyatta while studying psychology at Jackson State University in Mississippi. Through Kenyatta, Kendra met Sherlynda. Milan is her cousin. The girls have known each other so long they’re like sisters. And when you’re close like sisters, you fight like sisters!

Phil is an only child and grew up in the small town of Spring Valley in upstate New York. His parents were born in Haiti and Phil is fluent in Haitian Creole.

The loss of his father at age 10 was a difficult time for him. In high school, Phil dreamed of being a boxer. He now works as an A&R rep for his cousin’s record label, Ryde Out Records, of New York City.

He studied computer science at Georgia Perimeter College, but spends most of his time networking in the Atlanta nightlife scene.

Phil is Kenyatta’s boyfriend of four years. Her mother, René, “can’t stand” him.

Here's a sneak peek of the new reality show that will be featured on WeTv. It debuts on Thursday, June 13th at 10 pm. Will you be watching?


Karen Hoffman
06/13/2013 21:00

I am so proud of your strength confidence and inspiration to design clothes for full figured woman. I have been full figured all my life and have had an opportunity to loose weight but still see that fashion for full figured ladies has never been addressed. We are beautiful woman and deserve to look beautiful in clothes. I always wanted to model full figured clothes and think that the exercise arena for full figured woman also needs to be looked into. Big girls go to the gym! I will follow you and will be glad to chat if you would like my opinion. Karen

06/13/2013 22:09

How to apply being a model for the company

Joedean Vanderhall
06/13/2013 23:01

I have to say I just seen your new show and I love it you are a beautiful woman I love your designs and I would love to be a plus size model for your company

06/14/2013 09:36

just watched your show,its amazing loved it was wondering how can we buy your wonderful clothes, keep up the amazing job of making clothes for the real woman, thanku

April Earnest
06/13/2013 22:33

While watching the show for the first time, I noticed...
I went to JSU went these chicks! I love the show and I love that it's someone showing love to us full-figured beauties! Great Job and keep up the good work.

06/13/2013 22:39

Maybe you can design a plus size teen line for plus sized teens and preteens. It's so hard to find the latest fashions for my plus sized preteen. She really loves fashion. I wish she could meet you! She always wanted to model and be a fashion designer and hair stylist. She also loves science.

annmarie valdelamar
06/13/2013 22:40

Love everything about your show and ideas not to many people think about the full figure fashion .

06/13/2013 22:44

How can I apply to be a model? I live in the Midwest area.

Janaya Caple
06/13/2013 23:28

Hi my name is Janaya Caple, I am 22years old and a Junior at Indiana University of Pennslyvania majoring in Fashion merchandising and business administration & public relations. I have recently watched your show on Wetv and I am flooded . Your success is outstanding and amazing. I am writing you because am currently in the process of starting a swimwear line called Babe"N"Suit for full figured woman. I began this line because I am not a skinny woman, but I love the beach & the water, and I struggled with finding bathing suits that covered my body in a tasteful sexy way, as a bathing suit should. You and your clothing line has inspired me so much more, and I hoping to gain some knowledge from you, along with some guidance... I would really appreciate it of your contacted me via my business email saucy215@gmail.com or via phone

Thank you and I appreciate your time. I look forward to hearing from you

06/13/2013 23:54

Just watched your show tonight. Loved it! Can't wait to see what happens next.

06/14/2013 01:03

I am loving your show. My 16 year old snd I sre watching together. We are both plus sixe and so delighted to see. The clothes are fabulous. We live in Atlanta and plan to visit the store. By the way, you were dead on about the white dress for the white party 2 years ago. I couldn't find one either. Finally someone who understands plus size diva fashion.

06/14/2013 02:01

Is there a website where I can order your clothing?

Barb Hoskins
06/14/2013 10:55

Thank you for supporting women like me. I'm happy to see others not embarrass to show off their curves.

06/16/2013 16:38

Too much cursing. Ghetto, Needs mature structure. Love the fashions.

07/05/2013 07:29

@Fab@50, the cursing isn't over the top, definitely less than other reality shows. It doesn't stand out to me as "ghetto". If it bothers you, don't watch it...and to the Bella Rene team, keep up the great work!

06/19/2013 15:21

Just watched your show and I LOVED IT!!!!! So glad to see someone really making a valieant effort to support, uplift and empower plus sized women(especially on the fashion scene). Bigg ups on a job well done. The clothes were awesome. I especially loved the white dress (could soooooo see myself wearing that to an all white event). Continue doing a awesome job, can't wait to what's going to happen next.

06/21/2013 00:33

I would love to knw where Kenyatta get the clothes she wears....I LOVE THEM!!!!!

06/21/2013 01:31

where can I buy your clothes online

06/21/2013 02:12

Hi flippin the channel came across The House Of Curves. Wow nice collection for plus size women. Thank you for going outside the norm and taking a huge chance. If there any catalog that can be mail out i would love to have one. Please

06/23/2013 19:43

where can I find the website for your clothing

06/27/2013 22:54

I love your show! I'm 6'1 and plus size. I would love to be a model for you!

06/27/2013 23:10

This is what. Big girls need.
You rock diva

nadine frazier
06/28/2013 01:02

Would love to model your line you give us big girls confident

06/29/2013 00:53

Hi soooooo proud of you andvyou you daughtPumkin. Haveva grest ideal for you. Give a call I think you will lije. Major money maker . Ya homegirl Tab(

601 616-0758

eg grant
06/29/2013 13:05

good i love your show keep up the work i want a date with kendra im a 6 fet 2 225 pound black man with no kids ill be in atlanta july 27 my freind is haveing a free all white party at bar one so come out

06/29/2013 16:55

I can't believe Kendra thought the best approach to find young women to model was to start talking to them about "junk in the trunk"! Talk about making someone self-conscious. Shows that she did not think this out before-hand. Not professional.

However, the actual fashion show was terrific. I loved that the models were to represent typical students at the college. I hope it goes viral!

06/29/2013 20:27

I'm a plus size women. I'm 46 with RA and my niece is getting married in Sept. I would love the red dress with the ruffle to hide my stomach. The wedding is in Colorado.Does that dress come with short sleeves if not I would still love to wear. Please let me know the cost. I'm a size 20 to 22 i believe. Thanks for reading my email.

07/01/2013 08:50

Where can I buy your clothes?

Verlena Sutton
07/04/2013 16:20

Love the show and the clothes. I have a problem also! I am 67 yrs old and my body shape is boy(no hips). Anyway, i have a hard time finding jeans cause a 12 is a little tight but a 14 is waaaay to large

Help. Also i would love show my handcrafted jewelry line: verlenabydesign
Thank you, cast of House of Curves

07/10/2013 23:47

please tell me where you are located I will drive to your store to get fitted in your outfit. My life is starting over and I need help I am a disabled veteran so I need your help.

07/11/2013 22:50

All hbcu grads!! Yesssss. I'm so proud of all of you; love the show!
Hampton U Alum, with her eye on this groundbreaking entity/world force, Bella Rene!!!! Yessssssss!!!! :0)

Shona Ruth
07/11/2013 23:20

I am a master seamstress. I would love to
become an assistant to Sherlynda.

Destiny W
07/19/2013 14:40

Where can we buy the clothes honey!!!

~Fab Full Figured Cali diva

07/21/2013 12:39

I would like to purchase however I have questions about Petite measurements. Love the clothes Can't wait to get in those jeans :)

07/22/2013 21:43

Love the cloths. Stick with it your brand.you get what u pay for. Cloths are not to expense. Stick with it. P.s. get rid of boy friend.

08/01/2013 01:33

I am 17yrs old 5ft 11in 190lbs and I would love to come and audition for you to be in your next fashion show will be in atl aug. 7th hope to see you

08/03/2013 17:26

I can truly relate to the passion and dedication you pocess for your business. As the owner of Renee' Franc Event Styling And Design Studio Bella Renee has been a hugh influence. Watching your show has encourged me to push harder to reach my goals.

Thanks Bella Renee


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